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With a client base consisting of both small and large businesses, including Fortune 500 and Global 2000, the StirStick network has the hands-on experience essential to creating effective communication tools.


Who We Are

Compelling designs that captivate the target audience is the goal of every business. Let StirStick Studio provide unique designs to help you expand your organization. Whether its advertising, creating and maintaining a web site, designing logos, or providing complete marketing packages, StirStick is affordable and ensures effective design through visual and textual unity. StirStick Studio’s network of highly skilled designers, programmers, copywriters, and marketing strategists combines decades of experience with your business needs to deliver top-of-the-line services. From superior customer service to effective messaging, StirStick Studio fuses experience and creativity. By “Mixing Design with Communication” StirStick Studio will enhance your business projects and attract customers!


  • After working for innovative and energetic companies like Canon Computer Systems in Costa Mesa, CA and Managed Business Solutions in Ft. Collins, CO, Nicole embarked on her own graphic design business journey in 2001
  • The tagline, “Mixing Design with Communication” came first. Then the vision of liquid being swirled in a whirlwind motion brought her to the name StirStick and the logo soon followed. Typically the name is chosen then the tagline so this was a little unorthodox, but then again, aren’t most things creative reached in unconventional ways?
  • StirStick Studio originated in Colorado
  • Referrals from colleagues and clients helped StirStick expand its clientele base reaching from the east coast to the west and abroad

Products Offered

  • Advertising
  • Application UI
  • Billboards
  • CD-ROM Design
  • Content Writing
  • Direct Mail & EDM Design
  • Invitations
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Packages (including business cards, brochures, postcards, stationary, Power Points & folders)
  • Online Surveys
  • Packaging Design
  • Posters
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Web Site Creation and Maintenance


  • Comprehensive Services: Eliminates time-consuming process of too many vendor relationships
  • Effective Messaging: Effective design through visual and textual unity
  • Proven Project Management: Prompt projects within budget delivery
  • Superior Customer Service: Friendly, responsive service & positive interactions
  • Affordability: Low overhead & below-industry-standard rates
  • Ongoing Customer Support: Provides ongoing support to ensure the design and messaging continue to reflect your business

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Monday – Friday @ 8am – 5pm CT



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